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Is SO STONE Marble case made from real marble?

“Yes. Our Marble Case is made from the highest quality white Italian marble and black Spanish marble. The case features a very thin slice of marble which gives its lightweight and satin touch finish.”



Is every case one and the same?

“No. Marble is a natural stone produce with its unique veins, so every case is one-of-a-kind.”



Is the SO STONE Marble case shatter resistant?

“Yes. Our Marble Case is shatter resistant. Our innovative design structure makes or mabrle case ease to take it on and off the iPhone and the same time to hold it tight and secure .”


How to remove SO STONE Marble case?

“As our case is made of real marble piece assembled with polycarbonate, which is hard and protective material, you have to take off your case the way shown on the picture bellow



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